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Rochester Research Associates (RRA) is a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise and Section 3 Business Concern. RRA has been providing Independent Compliance Monitoring and Research Services in the Construction Industry since 2009. The founder, Tom Stephens, brought more than 25 years of experience in the trades and 10 years as a political coordinator to the company, giving the unique understanding of both the construction industry and the public administration.
Our Mission

Rochester Research Associates provides independent compliance and research services congruously with public officials to ensure proper taxpayer expenditure on construction projects. We provide these services with integrity to deter, prevent, and detect misappropriation of funds.

Our Company Core Values

Purposethe reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


Our purpose is to help foster opportunities for businesses and individuals who are underrepresented in the Construction Industry, ensure workers are properly paid, and tax payers money is used as intended.


Integritythe quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.


In keeping with the high principles and ethical values held by our dedicated team, we are committed to delivering accurate and unbiased results to our clients. 


Knowledgefacts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the

theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.


Our staff is committed to staying informed and up-to-date on the rules and regulations surrounding compliance issues the construction industry and sharing our experience and insight with our clients.


Empower- to make (someone) stronger and more confident


We empower minority and women owned businesses and workforce by providing opportunities to succeed in a field in which they are underrepresented, and our diverse staff leads by example.


Dedicated-  devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity.


Our team provides the highest standards and ensure that our core values are reflected in our everyday business and personal practices.

Owner/Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Cave, owner of Rochester Research Associates (RRA), is a born investigator who follows a trail until she finds an answer. Rather than as a police detective working for the greater good, as she originally planned after earning her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Psychology, Cave applies her keen analysis to the construction industry by piecing together the compliance big picture with information gathered from the contractor and subcontractors.

Cave and RRA provide two types of services: conducting due diligence research on contractors who are bidding on publicly funded construction projects, and independent contract compliance monitoring for the same types of projects.

In both cases, Cave is still an investigator working for the greater good by providing specialized compliance services to deter, prevent, and detect misappropriation of funds. RRA research fully vets contractors and ensures compliant administration of a project’s prevailing wage, workforce, and Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) requirements.

Cave is an expert at both aspects of RRA’s construction industry research services. Assembling a detailed report of the potential civil and criminal aspects of a contractor’s business history requires a certain amount of knowledge of research databases, the know-how to maximize those sources, and the insight to connect the dots.

Now Cave’s investigations reassure construction project stakeholders that their “lowest responsible bidder” is, indeed, responsible. In addition, by monitoring and auditing construction sites and the records kept by contractors and sub-contractors, Cave also uncovers fraudulent activities that can plague, and penalize, projects that receive public money. To do so, Cave keeps herself informed of the latest legislation that affects municipalities, developers, architectural and engineering firms, and prime contractors.

Her favorite part of these jobs is playing a role in the variables that have a far-reaching impact on quality of life in any community. This includes making sure people are paid their full wage, that underrepresented people receive the full opportunity to work, that good-intentioned contractors maintain their integrity, and that contractors defrauding public money are held accountable.

Cave believes in providing service within your strengths, which means she puts to work her detail-oriented investigative skills in RRA’s management of the complicated, but legally required, compliance documentation so contractors can focus on their strength – building the projects that create and support communities.


Rochester Research Associates, founded in 2009 and owned and operated by Jennifer Cave since 2017, specializes in Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprise, Workforce, and Wage compliance. RRA takes a hands-on, proactive approach in working with municipalities, developers, and prime contractors to help ease the burden of fulfilling their compliance requirement obligations as part of accepting public funds to complete construction projects. If you see Jennifer out-and-about in PPE (hard hat, hi-vis, and boots), say hello!


Jennifer Cave

  • B.S. degree from the College at Brockport in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

  • Graduate of the Business Opportunity Program Instructional Series as a part of the Rochester Schools Modernization Program.

  • Member of UNiCON (Unions and Businesses United in Construction), the American Contract Compliance Association, Avanti Peer Advisory Group, and Webster Chamber of Commerce.

  • Volunteer Member, board of directors for Rochester Women's Network.

  • Jennifer was also featured in the Rochester Business Journal’s Fast Start section.


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