Examples of Our Competitive Intelligence Services

What We Can Offer:
  • Comprehensive Research Packets on Contractors, Developers, Etc. 
  • Pamphlets, Flyers, Mailers, Etc.
  • Opposition Research Websites
  • Discrete On-Site Monitoring
  • Acquisition of Public Records
  • Mass Emailers -  Check out past Shoutouts
Associated Builders and Contractors:
RRA conducted research and distributed findings
  • ABC say they represent the construction industry
  • ABC oppose Project Labor Agreements 
  • Our research found ABC represents less than 2% of Construction Firms in the Greater Rochester Region
Absolute General Contracting:
Contractor Failed to Pay Prevailing Wages
  • Paid $59,387.59 in back wages 
  • Paid 6% interest on the amount listed above
  • Fined $16,062.35
  • Debarred from public works for 5 years
  • Total restitution and penalties: $80,311.76
Violation of Clean Air Act:
Research lead to criminal charges being filed against Gordon-Smith Contracting for improper asbestos removal.
  • Owner Keith Gordon- Smith was convicted and sentenced to 72 months in prison
  • Ordered to pay $300,000 in restitution
  • Fined $44,000 in fines 

Opposition Website Samples

Rochester Research Associates, LLC creates discrete opposition research websites for clients to spread awareness of problem companies.

King Brothers Masonry Contractors


Onsite monitoring captured pictures of multiple OSHA violations and research revealed a history of OSHA violations and employee injuries. 


After publication of the information found, they were not awarded a public works project in Fredonia, NY because although they were the lowest bidder, they were not the more responsible bidder.

Additional Results from Competitive Intelligence Processes:
  • Debarments ​
  • Referrals to DOL for Investigations
  • Referrals to DA for Criminal Prosecutions
  • Removal From Public Works Jobs
  • Back Wages Paid to Employees
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